Athene Parker: Commercials Mix

Lucy Sassoon: Commercials Mix

Lucy Sassoon: Corporate Mix

Lucy Sassoon: Documentary Mix

Lucy Sassoon: Northern Accent – Various Styles

Lucy Sassoon: Promo’s – Various Styles

Lucy Sassoon: Warner Holidays

Lucy Sassoon: Ripe Caravan Insurance

Lucy Sassoon: Soleo

Lucy Sassoon: English Heritage

Michael Quartey: Commercials Reel

Michael Quartey: Apprenticeships Commercial

Michael Quartey: Heineken Zero Commercial

Adrienne Posta: Compilation – Various Styles

Alastair Thomson-Mills: Compilation – Various Styles

Alex Babic: Commercials Mix – Various Styles

Alim Jadavji: Compilation – Various Styles

Andy Jaye: Compilation – Various Styles

Annie Miles: Compilation – Various Styles

Arthur Lee – Compilation

Barry McCormick: Compilation – Various Styles

Barry Stephenson: Compilation – Various Styles

Becky Wright: Compilation – Various Styles

Ben Lee: Compilation – Various

Bethany Wilcox: Compilation – Various Styles

Blanche Anderson: Compilation – Various Styles

Brett O’Brien: Compilation – Various Styles

Carina Reeves: Compilation – Various Styles

Carmel Howard: Compilation – Various Styles

Charles Collingwood: Compilation – Various Styles

Chelsea Fitzgerald: Compilation – Various Styles

Chris Grant: Compilation – Various Styles

Chris Ryman – Commercials mix

Christopher Fox: Compilation – Various Styles

Connor Byrne: Compilation – Various Styles

Dan March: Compilation – Various Styles

Daniel Gentely: Compilation – Various Styles

Daniel Steggall: Compilation – Various Styles

Darren Altman: Commercial Mix – Various Reads

David Sargent: Compilation – Various Styles

Deborah Moore: Compilation – Various Styles

Debra Penny: Compilation – Various Styles

Denise Welch: Compilation – Various Styles

Elliot Naftalin: Compilation – Various Styles

Emma Cook: Compilation – Various Styles

Finn Hanlon: Compilation – Various Styles

Fiona Neeranjohn: Compilation – Various Styles

Francesca Cherruault: Compilation – Various Styles

Francis Magee: Compilation – Various Styles

Gemma Atkins: Compilation – Various Styles

Graeme Dalling: Compilation – Various Styles

Grahame Fox: Compilation – Various Styles

Greg Wohead: Compilation

Hollie Edwin: Compilation – Various

Jack Hardwick: Commercials – Various Styles

Jack Helsby: Commercials – Various Styles

Jacky Davis: Compilation – Various Styles

Jacqueline Boatswain: Commercials Mix – Various

James Capel: Compilation – Various Styles

James Naylor: Compilation – Various Styles

James Rawlings: Compilation – Various Styles

James Taylor: Compliation

Jason Callender: Compilation – Various Styles

Jennie Gruner: Compilation – Various Styles

Jenny Blackburn: Compilation – Various Styles

Jenny Maynard: Compilation – Various Styles

Jez Edwards: Compilation – Various Styles

Jo Swaby: Compilation – Various Styles

Joanne Lamb: Commercial Mix – Various

Joe Fattorini – Compilation

John de Holland: Compilation – Various Styles

John Lightbody: Compilation – Various Styles

John Nolan: Compilation – Various Styles

Jordan Claire McCraw: Commericals – Various Styles

Joseph England: Compilation – Various Styles

Josie Taylor: Compilation – Various Styles

Karen Hayley: Compilation – Various Styles

Kate Harbour: Commercial Reads – Various Styles

Kerri Murphy: Compilation – Various Styles

Kiki Kendrick: Compilation – Various Styles

Lee Boardman: Compilation – Various Styles

Liz May Brice: Compilation – Various Styles

Lorelei King: Compilation – Various Styles

Louis Healy: Compilation – Various Styles

Louisa Gummer: Compilation – Various Styles

Mack McNally: Compilation – Various Styles

Marc Silk: Compilation – Various Styles

Marcus Hutton: Compilation – Various Styles

Matthew Delamere: Compilation

Matthew Forbes: Compilation – Various Styles

Melissa Sinden: Compilation – Various Styles

Michael Byers: Commercial Mix – Various Styles

Michael Quartey: Blood Appeal Commercial

Nadine Shenton: Compilation – Various Styles

Nancy Wigglesworth: Compilation – Various Styles

Natalie Blass: Commercial Reel – Various Styles

Natahsa Abou Keer: Compilation

Kiki Kendrick: Cyber Aware

Natasha Rashed: Compilation – Various Styles

Nick Pandolfi: Compilation – Various Styles

Noni Lewis: Commercials (English) – Various Reads

Paul J Rose: Commercials – Various Styles

Paula Lane: Compilation – Various Styles

Piers Gibbon: Compilation – Various Styles

Rebecca Manley: Compilation – Various Styles

Rebecca Scroggs: Compilation – Various Styles

Remy Beasley: Compilation – Various Styles

Rick Shaw: Compilation – Various Styles

Rob Brown: Compilation – Various Styles

Robbie MacNab: Compilation – Various Styles

Robbie Stevens: Compilation – Various Styles

Russell Richardson: Compilation – Various

Ruth Gibson: Compilation – Various Styles

Sally Baxter: Compilation

Sally Knyvette: Commercials – Various Styles

Samantha Seager: Commercials – Various Styles

Simon Mattacks: Commercials – Various Styles

Siobhan Hewlett: Compilation – Various Styles

Sophie Hatcher: Compilation

Steffan le Touche: Compilation – Various Styles

Stephen Critchlow: Compilation – Various Styles

Steve Devereaux: Compilation – Various Styles

Sushma Pugali: Compilation – Various Styles

Taylor Clarke-Hill: Compilation

Terence Anderson: Compilation – Various Styles

Tom Clarke-Hill: Straight Read Commercials

Tom Purbeck: Compilation – Various Styles

Victoria Kruger: Compilation – Various Styles

Wesley Nzinga: Commercial Mix – Various Styles

Zita Sattar: Compilation – Various Styles

Michael Quartey: Uber Commercial

Natalie Blass: Promos Mix

Jo Swaby: Northern Rail

Natalie Blass: Gordon’s Gin

Jo Swaby: Lidl

Jo Swaby: ITV Continuity

Jo Swaby: Halifax

Jo Swaby: Oldham Council

Rebecca Scroggs: Commercials Mix

Jo Swaby: Love Island

Jo Swaby: Educating Greater Manchester

Jo Swaby: Corporate Read

Kiki Kendrick: Admiral Insurance – Audrey

Adrienne Posta: Bairstow Eves – Straight Commercial

Alastair Thomson-Mills: Sky 1 Trail – Straight

Alex Babic: Promo Mix – TV & Radio trails & sponsorships

Alim Jadavji: Clearasil – Straight read (with humour)

Andy Jaye: Coke Zero – LivelyEnergetic

Annie Miles: Macmillans Cancer Support – Straight (Serious)

Arthur Lee – East Durham College

Athene Parker: Promos – Various Styles

Barry McCormick: Do It All – Straight

Barry Stephenson: Glenmorangie – Straight Read

Becky Wright: Straight Commercials – Various Reads

Bethany Wilcox: British Chambers of Commerce

Blanche Anderson: RBS – Commercial (Thoughtful)

Brett O’Brien: Actimel – Straight

Carina Reeves: Coke Mini Cans – Straight (Bright)

Carmel Howard: Huggies (Bright Liverpool Mum)

Charles Collingwood: Deliveroo Food Freedom – Commercial

Chelsea Fitzgerald: T-Mobile Mates Rates – Straight Read

Chris Grant: Our Dynamic Earth – Straight Commercial

Chris Ryman – Game voices

Christopher Fox: Commercials – Various Styles

Connor Byrne: Calor – Commercial (Straight & Warm)

Dan March: Cravendale – Straight (with dramatic humour)

Daniel Gentely: Rimmel Glam Eyes – Straight

Daniel Steggall: Smart Meter – Commercial

Darren Altman: Narration – Various Straight Reads

David Sargent: Dolphin Bathrooms – Straight

David Sargent: Diet Chef – Straight

Deborah Moore: Commercials – Various Styles

Debra Penny: Dove – Straight Commercial

Denise Welch: Gypsy Wedding – Straight Read

Elliot Naftalin: Teaching In Scotland – Straight

Finn Hanlon: T Mobile – Straight

Fiona Neeranjohn: Commercials – Various Styles

Francesca Cherruault: Hilton Hotels – Straight

Francis Magee: Richmond Sausages – Commercial Read

Gemma Atkins: Lily Allen – Straight

Graeme Dalling: Co-op – Commercial, Friendly

Grahame Fox: American Express – Straight Read

Greg Wohead: Commercial Compilation

Hollie Edwin: Boots – Natural, Young, Straight

Jack Hardwick: Continuity Reel

Jack Helsby: Go Pro – Straight, Upbeat & Energetic

Jacqueline Boatswain: Narration Mix – Various

James Capel: The Times – Straight

James Naylor: Mediacom – Straight (Natural)

James Rawlings: VW Golf Endline – Straight Read (With a quick mouth)

James Taylor: Aspreys commercial

Jason Callender: Hive – Commercial, Natural style

Jennie Gruner: Clean and Clear – Commercial

Jenny Blackburn: MTV – Spray To Change – Straight (Warm & Sincere)

Jenny Maynard: MTV – Spray To Change – Straight (Warm & Sincere)

Jez Edwards: – Commercial Reads (Straight)

Joanne Lamb: L’Oreal – Commercial Straight

Joe Fattorini – Childhood Obesity

John Lightbody: VW (radio) – Straight (Informative)

John Nolan: Toyota – Straight

Jordan Claire McCraw: Promotional Mix – Various Styles

Joseph England: – Straight (Friendly)

Josie Taylor: Animation – Various Voices & Singing

Karen Hayley: The Economist – Commercial

Kate Harbour: Animation Reel 2019

Kerri Murphy: Commercials – Various Styles

Kiki Kendrick: Trinity Leeds – Straight Read (Gentle)

Lee Boardman: Tesco Mobile – Straight Northern

Liz May Brice: Virgin Mobile – Straight

Lorelei King: Toyota – Straight

Louis Healy: Back To Uni’ – Straight Read

Louisa Gummer: Commercials – Straight Reads

Mack McNally: Go Smarter – Commercial

Marc Silk: Commercials – Various Styles

Marcus Hutton: Macbook – Straight

Matthew Delamere: The Independent

Matthew Forbes: Morrisons Prosecco – Straight, Young & Comic

Melissa Sinden: Commercial Mix – Various Styles

Michael Byers: B&Q Commercial – Straight

Nancy Wigglesworth: Birmingham City University – Straight

Natahsa Abou Keer: Continuity extract

Natasha Rashed: Losalt – Straight (Bright)

Nick Pandolfi: Saab 95 – Straight

Noni Lewis: Narration Reel (English)

Paul J Rose: Animation – Character Voices

Paula Lane: Asda – Commercial (Light and Bright)

Rebecca Manley: – Warm and informative

Rebecca Scroggs: Promo Mix

Remy Beasley: Superdrug – Straight Commercial

Rick Shaw: Argos – Commercial

Rob Brown: Promo’s – Various Styles

Robbie MacNab: Laphroaig Whisky – Straight

Robbie Stevens: VW Passat – Bright & Informative

Russell Richardson: Commercials – Various Reads

Ruth Gibson: Samsung Washing Machine – Straight

Sally Baxter: Mazda commercial read

Sally Knyvette: Airbnb – Commercial read – natural style

Samantha Seager: Promo Mix – Various Styles

Shane Taylor: Max Factor – Straight

Simon Mattacks: Self Written Intro Reel – Various Reads

Siobhan Hewlett: Eon – Straight

Sophie Hatcher: Ernest Jones

Steffan le Touche: Zero Cases – Straight Read

Stephen Critchlow: RAC Route Planner – Straight (Up Beat)

Steve Devereaux: Mobuy – Straight

Sushma Pugalia: Skiing on 4 – Neutral Accent

Taylor Clarke-Hill: Cyberpunk 2077 Kiroshi

Terence Anderson: Film Promo – Straight (London)

Tom Clarke-Hill: Chevrolet TV Campaign – Straight (Laid Back)

Tom Purbeck: Audi – Straight Commercial

Victoria Kruger: Finish – Straight Commercial

Wesley Nzinga: Narrative Mix – Various Styles

Zita Sattar: Dove Bodywash – Straight

Samantha Seager: Costa Coffee

Adrienne Posta: Micro-Pedi (TV) – Straight (Bright)

Alastair Thomson-Mills: The Samaritans – Straight

Alim Jadavji: Game Store – Straight Read (Up Beat and energetic)

Andy Jaye: Two Door Cinema Club – Energetic

Annie Miles: Oil Of Olay – Straight

Arthur Lee – Royal Navy

Athene Parker: The Cats of Cloudesley Square – Narration with Characters

Barry McCormick: Eurostar – Straight

Barry Stephenson: Smart Car – Straight Read (Lighter and Fun)

Becky Wright: Commercials – Natural Reads – Various Styles

Ben Lee: TAG Heuer – Commercial

Bethany Wilcox: Carpetright – Commercial

Blanche Anderson: BBC3 Insane Fight Club – Upbeat Promo

Brett O’Brien: Jamesons Whisky – Soft Sell

Carina Reeves: Ravensburger 3D Boutique – Young & Upbeat

Carmel Howard: The Times – Straight (Standard English)

Charles Collingwood: Cathay Pacific – Informative

Chelsea Fitzgerald: Closer – Straight Read (Bright And Fun)

Chris Grant: John Phillip – Straight Commercial (Friendly)

Chris Ryman – Narration mix

Christopher Fox: Opie Oils – Hard Sell

Connor Byrne: Change4Life – Commercial (Light & Friendly)

Daniel Gentely: Rimmel Day To Night – Straight

Daniel Steggall: Brit Awards Album – Straight

Darren Altman: Characters – Voices from around the World

David Sargent: Haven Holidays – Straight (Strong)

Deborah Moore: Narration – Various Styles

Debra Penny: Minimum Wage – Birmingham Accent

Elliot Naftalin: iMac – Straight

Emma Cook: Quorn – Straight Commercial

Finn Hanlon: Kellogs Cornflakes – West Country

Fiona Neeranjohn: Promo Mix – Various Styles

Francesca Cherruault: Eurostar – Straight (Warm)

Francis Magee: Jamesons Whiskey – Straight

Gemma Atkins: iPhone – Straight (Chatty)

Graeme Dalling: Scottish Power – Straight Commercial

Grahame Fox: Daily Telegraph Visit Wales – Welsh accent (Dylan Thomas extract)

Greg Wohead: Narration Compilation

Hollie Edwin: Get Into Teaching – Warm, Straight

JAck Hardwick: Narration Reel (Various Styles)

Jack Helsby: Grand Slam Tennis – Straight Commercial

Jacky Davis: Readybrek – Straight

James Capel: Sky Sports Promo’ – Straight (Heavier)

James Naylor: Pay Pal – Straight (Humorous)

James Rawlings: We Want Any Car – Straight Read (Warm)

James Taylor: Saga commercial

Jason Callender: Philips Health – Straight

Jennie Gruner: Boss – Commercial

Jenny Blackburn: Love Tub – Sultry

Jenny Maynard: Love Tub – Sultry

Jez Edwards: Prestige Cookware – Straight

Joanne Lamb: Savlon – Straight Commercial

Joe Fattorini – Ford

John de Holland: Optical Express – Straight

John Lightbody: DWP Radio – Straight (Fun and Friendly)

John Nolan: Beconase – Straight

Jordan Claire McCraw: Narration Mix

Joseph England: Hovis – Straight

Josie Taylor: Sydney Writers’ Festival – Australian Accent

Karen Hayley: Hoseasons Holidays – Straight

Kate Harbour: Character / Animation – Various Styles

Kerri Murphy: Promo Mix – Various Styles

Kiki Kendrick: Huggies – Northern Mum

Lee Boardman: LV Insurance – Straight

Liz May Brice: Alternative London – Straight

Lorelei King: The Galleria – Smiley Warmth

Louis Healy: Newcastle College – Newcastle Accent

Louisa Gummer: Commercials – Natural Style

Mack McNally: Chambers of Commerce – Commercial

Marc Silk: Characters – Various Styles

Marcus Hutton: Lucozade Alert Plus – Straight

Matthew Delamere: Nike

Matthew Forbes: bmibaby – Straight

Melissa Sinden: Characters – Various Voices

Michael Byers: MTV Presents Mark Ronson – Straight Promo

Nadine Shenton: Trails & Promos – Various Styles

Nancy Wigglesworth: Glastonbury Festival Promo – Young (Up)

Natahsa Abou Keer: MTV disco

Natasha Rashed: Optimax – Straight

Nick Pandolfi: John Lewis – Straight

Noni Lewis: Animation Reel – Character Voices

Paul J Rose: Corporate – Informative

Paula Lane: Special K – Straight Commercial

Piers Gibbon: Drinking And Driving – Straight

Rebecca Manley: Persil – Straight (Mum)

Rebecca Scroggs: Corporate Mix

Remy Beasley: University of Cardiff – Straight Commercial, Natural

Rick Shaw: Cartoon Network – Promo

Rob Brown: Mitsubishi Outlander – Straight Commercial

Robbie MacNab: Wonder Book – Mystical (Dramatic)

Robbie Stevens: Aqua Life – Straight

Russell Richardson: Documentary Reads

Ruth Gibson: Look Magazine – Straight

Sally Baxter: Carvol commercial read

Sally Knyvette: Corporate Reel – Various

Samantha Seager: Cow and Gate – Straight Commercial

Shane Taylor: Nike – Straight (Street)

Siobhan Hewlett: H Samuels – Gentle warmth

Sophie Hatcher: BMI

Steffan le Touche: About Time DVD – Straight Read (Warm and Bright)

Stephen Critchlow: Barker & Stonehouse – Straight (Warm)

Steve Devereaux: Lily Allen – London

Sushma Pugalia: Indian Summer – Light Indian Accent

Terence Anderson: Dulux – Chatty Straight

Tom Purbeck: Lloyds Bank – Commercial, Natural Read

Victoria Kruger: Scottish Widows – Commercial Endline

Zita Sattar: Disney – Straight

Louisa Gummer: Corporate Reel

Adrienne Posta: Websters Shoes – Straight

Alastair Thomson-Mills: Alfa Romeo – Straight

Alex Babic: Travel Republic – Straight

Alim Jadavji: Ready For University – Straight Read

Andy Jaye: Talktalk – Warm and Informative

Annie Miles: Toyota – Straight

Arthur Lee – McDonalds

Athene Parker: Him – Thoughtful, Natural Monologue

Barry McCormick: Polyfilla – Straight

Barry Stephenson: Marks And Spencer – Straight Read (Warm and Friendly)

Becky Wright: Promo Style – Various Reads

Ben Lee: Dispatches – Trail

Bethany Wilcox: DFDS – Straight Commercial

Blanche Anderson: Waitrose Christmas – Commercial (Lyrical)

Brett O’Brien: Flower Shop – Soft But Fun

Carina Reeves: Cadburys endline – Disclaimer / T&Cs

Carmel Howard: AA – Commercial (Scottish Accent)

Charles Collingwood: Nissan – Stronger

Chelsea Fitzgerald: Speed Kills – Straight Read (Serious & Sincere)

Chris Grant: Custom Kitchens – Character Commercial (Racing Commentator Style)

Chris Ryman – Santander

Christopher Fox: Narration – Various Styles

Connor Byrne: – Commercial (Lively but Informal)

Dan March: Big Mac – Straight (with humour)

Daniel Gentely: A1GP Brands Hatch – Straight

Daniel Steggall: Unibond – Straight (Medium Broad)

Darren Altman: Animation – Various Cartoon Voices

David Sargent: Dress To Kill – Straight (Smooth)

Debra Penny: Classic FM Romance Album – Warm, Straight

Denise Welch: Roberts Bread – Northern Read (Housewife)

Elliot Naftalin: Time Magazine – Straight

Emma Cook: McDonalds – Character Commercial

Finn Hanlon: Samaritans – Straight (Sincere)

Fiona Neeranjohn: Gabrielle – Commercial (Straight)

Francesca Cherruault: Dior – Straight (Soft)

Francis Magee: Redbull – Straight…ish

Gemma Atkins: Domestic Violence – Straight (Sincere)

Graeme Dalling: Seriously Strong – Commercial

Grahame Fox: ITV Easter – Trailer / Promo style

Hollie Edwin: Schwarzkopf – Young, Cool

Jack Hardwick: Gaming Reel (Various Voices)

Jack Helsby: Strong Bond – Straight Commercial

Jacky Davis: Martin Mere – Straight (Gentle)

Jacqueline Boatswain: – Commercial

James Capel: Metro Radio – Straight (With humour)

James Naylor: Ministry of Sound – Straight (Up Beat)

James Rawlings: The Guardian – Straight

James Taylor: Thames narration

Jason Callender: Discovery Black History Month – tagline

Jennie Gruner: Haagen Dazs – Commercial

Jenny Blackburn: Breast Feeding – Straight (Energetic)

Jenny Maynard: Breast Feeding – Straight (Energetic)

Jez Edwards: CITV Promo – Straight

Joanne Lamb: Cleaners – Documentary Read

Joe Fattorini – Hepatitis C

John de Holland: Huawei – Straight

John Lightbody: Carlsberg World Cup – Straight (Heroic)

John Nolan: Easy Listening – More Upbeat

Jordan Claire McCraw: Character Mix – Various Voices

Joseph England: The Guardian – Straight

Josie Taylor: Microsoft Paint – Informative, Corporate style, American Accent

Karen Hayley: World Wildlife – Informative

Kate Harbour: Promos – Various Styles

Kerri Murphy: L’Oreal – Commercial

Kiki Kendrick: RAC – Humorous Character

Lee Boardman: Bristol And West – Broader Manchester

Liz May Brice: Discovery Channel – Straight

Lorelei King: Apple Mac – Cool & Husky

Louis Healy: Spin Mania – Young Northern Read

Louisa Gummer: Ts and Cs/Disclaimer Reel

Mack McNally: The Lakes Distillery – Commercial Descriptive Style

Marcus Hutton: DVLA – Straight (Serious)

Matthew Delamere: Red Cross

Matthew Forbes: Twiglets – Character Read

Melissa Sinden: Mini Cooper – Character Commercial

Michael Byers: Documentaries – Straight

Nadine Shenton: Narration – Documentary & Corporate

Nancy Wigglesworth: Nespresso – Straight (Warm)

Natasha Rashed: Asahi – Straight (Soft)

Nick Pandolfi: Disney Resort – Straight

Noni Lewis: Games Reel – Various Voices

Paula Lane: Teenage Pregnancy – Commercial (Serious and Direct)

Piers Gibbon: Dead Like You – Straight (Dramatic)

Rebecca Manley: NHS Health Check – Straight (Informative)

Rebecca Scroggs: Documentary

Remy Beasley: Railcard – Commercial, Friendly & Informative

Rick Shaw: Expedia – Commercial

Rob Brown: Dean Martin Promo’ – Soft & Fuzzy!

Robbie MacNab: Clydesdale Bank – Straight (WarmInformative)

Robbie Stevens: Axa – Straight

Russell Richardson: Corporate Mix – Various

Ruth Gibson: Dentinox – Warm Mum

Sally Baxter: Pine Furniture commercial read

Sally Knyvette: Sci Fi Reel – Various Characters

Samantha Seager: Virgin – Straight Commercial

Shane Taylor: Gun Amnesty – Straight

Siobhan Hewlett: 3Mobile – Straight with a smile in the voice

John Lightbody: BT Legal Endline – Straight

Sophie Hatcher: Baileys

Steffan le Touche: Assassins Creed – Straight Read (Dramatic)

Stephen Critchlow: John Lewis – Straight (Warm)

Steve Devereaux: Tesco – Character & Straight

Sushma Pugalia: Rice Commercial – Indian Accent

Terence Anderson: Virgin Broadband – Straight

Tom Purbeck: Braun – Straight Commercial

Victoria Kruger: Vanish Oxi Action – Commercial, Friendly and Upbeat

Zita Sattar: Mini Jaffa Cakes – Comic Brum’

Adrienne Posta: Crizal Lenses – Straight

Alastair Thomson-Mills: Glasgow City Council – Straight

Alex Babic: Worcester Boilers – Straight

Alim Jadavji: Identity Theft – Character Read (Humorous Indian and Straight Read))

Annie Miles: Classic FM – Straight (Soft)

Arthur Lee – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Barry McCormick: BBC World Service Promo’ – Trail

Barry Stephenson: Innocent Orange Juice – Straight Read (Warm And Informative)

Becky Wright: NSPCC Appeal – Straight Dramatic

Ben Lee: Nat West – Commercial

Blanche Anderson: T in the Park – Youthful Upbeat

Brett O’Brien: Shampoo – Harder Sell

Carina Reeves: BBC Children In Need – Promo

Carmel Howard: RNIB Appeal (Standard English)

Charles Collingwood: Narration – Various Styles

Chelsea Fitzgerald: Zovirax – Straght Read

Chris Grant: Rover – Character Commerical (Winston Churchill Style)

Chris Ryman – Carphone Warehouse

Connor Byrne: Nurofen – Commercial (Calm then Upbeat)

Dan March: Barclays Student Account – Straight (Informative)

Daniel Gentely: B&Q – Straight

Daniel Steggall: Directline – Straight (Lighter)

Darren Altman: Impressions – Contemporary Mix

David Sargent: HTC Mobile – Straight

Debra Penny: Claridges – Straight, Descriptive

Elliot Naftalin: Hewlett Packard – Straight

Emma Cook: Clearblue – Soft, Gentle

Finn Hanlon: Sainsbury’s – Lighter

Fiona Neeranjohn: Apprenticeships – Commercial (Natural)

Francesca Cherruault: Nivea – Straight

Francis Magee: Belfast Lyric Panto Ad’ – Comedy