Wesley Nzinga


Young yet rich voice with natural warmth and weight. Great range from upbeat, down to earth and friendly to smooth authoritative reads. Always authentic.


Wesley Nzinga: Commercial Mix – Various Styles

Wesley Nzinga: Narrative Mix – Various Styles

Wesley Nzinga: JD Sports – Commercial

Wesley Nzinga: BrewDog Lost Lager – Commercial

Wesley Nzinga: DoE Get Into Teaching – Commercial

Wesley Nzinga: Roomzzz Aparthotels – Smooth, lyrical

Wesley Nzinga: Ooni – Commercial

Wesley Nzinga: Samsung Black Friday Sale (including legal endline)

Wesley Nzinga2022-11-02T14:52:28+00:00

Natasha Abou Keer


Hip, sultry, cool North American.


Natahsa Abou Keer: Compilation

Natahsa Abou Keer: Continuity extract

Natahsa Abou Keer: MTV disco

Natahsa Abou Keer: Open Interactive

Natasha Abou Keer2022-10-05T10:36:47+00:00
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